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Edeex is founded on April of 1982. Mr. Johnson C. H. Yang and his colleagues in the former company which damaged by a fire accident started the business. At this moment, the capital was only US$50,000. By selling the ancestral properties, we bought two new wire EDM machines and one EDM machine from AGIE, Switzerland. The capital increased to US$400,000 within four years. In order to expand the capacity, the Yang's decided to invite more shareholders from outside, including employees, vendors and customers. The capital increased to US$1,200,000. Until now, there are 26 shareholders totally. Because P/M in Taiwan is a new-born industry, there are no enough business for us to grow up. So we decided to expand the sales energy at the other markets, specially those industrial countries, refer to the Customers reference. These customers are requesting the highest quality specifications, so we have to do continual improvement to the equipment, employees and the most important, thinking in everyone's mind. From the below photos, you will see the progress of Edeex's achievement. After 22 year's hard working, we finally have the strong castle located in Taiwan to provide the P/M tooling supply worldwide. This new facility has 1980 square meters for each floor and totally has 3 floors for production. The top 4th floor is used as cafeteria, dormitory and sports ground. In this new facility, we have equipped the best manufacturing and inspection devices in the world, for instance, ZEISS's CMM, AGIE's wire & erosion machine, BMI's vacuum furnace etc. From this firm standing, Edeex is providing the precision machining service to the Powdered Metallurgy industry worldwide

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